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Refund Policy-takeaway
Last modified: 2019

Refund Policy - Takeaway


Corresponding responsibilities and obligations of HarkHark


§ HarkHark shall not be held responsible for any liability derived from orders made by third party, third party website or orders being placed directly at the restaurant.


§ As HarkHark is an online service that requires internet and telecommunication services, service availability may be subject to the impact of various unstable factors (such as computer viruses or hackers). HarkHark shall not be held responsible for the risk of any service interruption or consumer dissatisfaction caused by the above impacts.


§  HarkHark shall not be held responsible for issues aroused from operator misconduct or improper operation through personal browser and third party software.


§ HarkHark shall not be held responsible for the failure of timeliness, safety and accuracy of internet service, for example failure to send and receive messages, message delivery errors, personal setting errors, unsaved details and other problems aroused from internet service failures.


§  HarkHark reserves the right to track IP addresses.




§  HarkHark will not be held responsible for any alcoholic beverage served by restaurants.



§  HarkHark has the right to refuse, termination online order service, to delete, edit and cancel user’s order, to replace, change, suspend and delete any information online without notice in advance


§  HarkHark has the right to suspend, edit and delete any content that may cause conflict with the terms & conditions without notice. Users must agree upon and abide by these changes.


§ In the case of service interruption due to system error, HarkHark will contact relevant departments to act timely to repair and restore service. However, HarkHark and its partners shall not be held responsible for any economic losses due to the above cause.  


In certain circumstances, HarkHark will process a refund or cancellation of your order.


§ Please consult HarkHark’s customer service before requesting a refund or cancellation of order.  


§ Refund or cancellation of order shall be made before any consumption of delivery food. 


§ User can only request a cancellation of order before the order being received by restaurants.


·       User will not be able to request a cancellation of order once the restaurant has started to prepare the food.


·       HarkHark and its partner restaurants shall reserve the right to cancel order being made by users. We will get into contact with the user as soon as possible if order is being cancelled.


·       Please contact HarkHark customer service representative and wait for reply if users are to cancel their orders due to emergency.


§ If user maliciously refuses to accept the delivery food under the circumstance when order cannot be cancelled, HarkHark reserves the right to pursue legal actions and claim for damages from the user.


§ HarkHark will not accept cancellation of order once restaurant confirmed that food has been delivered to user. HarkHark will consult and solve the complaint with both user and restaurant if user is not satisfy with the quality of delivery food.


§ User has to provide valid proof to request for refund. Valid form of proof includes a lower price of the same dish on a valid menu from the same restaurant, however, specials, discount vouchers and menu printing errors do not count.   


§ If order is placed in advanced and food has not yet been consumed, refund can be claimed with a 5% cancellation fee.


§ Once the request of refund or order cancellation has been approved, HarkHark will return the value of the same amount of points to HarkHark Reward. HarkHark does not have any form of cash refund available at this stage.


·       User agrees to be immediately bounded by above terms and conditions once order is completed.


HarkHark will regularly rolls out internet sales such as discount vouchers, promotional and gift cards and.

§ HarkHark will not give cash refund for all discount vouchers, promotional or gift cards.  


§  HarkHark shall be held no liability for any loss of damage of discount vouchers, promotional or gift cards.


§ HarkHark reserves the right to pursue legal actions against anyone or any organisation that reproduce, edit or forge HarkHark discount vouchers, promotional or gift cards.



Complying with relevant legislations, HarkHark shall be responsible for the corresponding duty of delivery food.


·       HarkHark shall only be responsible for the delivery order made online.


·       Please make sure your delivery address and contact number are accurate and complete when you make any order at HarkHark. Please let HarkHark know immediately about any changes to your details to ensure timely delivery.


·       HarkHark shall not be held responsible for late delivery due to force majeure circumstances such as peak meal times or adverse weather conditions. HarkHark suggests users to make food delivery order one to two hours ahead of time to ensure timely delivery.