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Here at Reenie May Boutique we thrive on providing high quality weighted blankets of all sizes and weights for children with Autistic Disorder, ADHD and SPD. 

A lot of our blankets are made to order and are customised to meet your needs. All of the blankets are made by us right here in Redcliffe, QLD. 

We also provide and wide range of pretend play toys, chewable jewellery and the list goes on. 

What are the benefits of using a weighted blanket? 

Weighted blankets are one of the most effective tools for helping those difficult to calm down, high energy sensory kids. These have also been proven to help with arthritis. 

Children with excessively high energy levels find these blankets or weighted lap pads soothing for bedtime or throughout the day. They can bring one to school for quiet times. They can wrap them around their shoulders or whole body, or place them on their lap during desk work and reading times for the extra calming deep pressure input their bodies crave. 

The weighted blanket produces what’s called DPTS, or deep pressure touch stimulation. Many people have described it as the “feeling of being hugged,” but it’s much more than that. DPTS works in the same way as a full-body massage. 

How much should my wrap or blanket weigh? 

For blankets 10% of their body weight and for neck wraps 5% 

Eg Child Weight 25kgs = Blanket weight 2.5kgs and 1.25kgs for a neck wrap 

(it doesn’t have to be exact for example if child weight 27kgs etc) 


Merchant Reenie May Boutique 

Reenie May Boutique

Address Clontarf Qld 4109 Map
Telephone 0433218397

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